Your old favorites - Re-furbished with the "gently used" feel

We'll buy your old favorite racks and renew them to their former glory. Your options are virtually unlimited with Rack & Maintenance Source.  We even take those old damage racks you dislike off your hands and give you credit towards new rack purchases. Call for a personal quote today.

Our single reversible rack

Perfect for your tasting room they come in the color of your choice or you can order our beautiful Stainless Steel rack to cradle your wine. designed for your 30 or 60 gal barrels.

Tasting wine from the barrel is a real treat like seeing the Mona Lisa just before it's framed.

Your solution to barrel racking

We are unbelievably competitive, we offer quantity discounts; so remember to ask about our first time buyer discount. Call or email for quote today!

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​Rack & Maintenance is your source for quality barrel racks

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